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Before and after the Riviera Maya

Hey there! I’m writing to you from my hotel room in the Riviera Maya. My suitcase is packed and my laptop is my only buddy as I wait for my flight.

They’ve been long days, but I have no regrets. I got on this adventure to rest, but even though I didn´t stop for a second, now I feel renewed.

My friends kept telling me that my clients wouldn’t wait, that I would get fired, that I needed to take more care of my job instead of traveling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I work hard so that other people can make their dreams happen. That’s why I don´t lie when I tell you that I did this for them too. They deserve my best version. And I have no doubt that this is it: a man who has enjoyed the Riviera Maya.

For the first time in my life, I didn’t plan anything in advance… I just listened to the advice of the beautiful people I met here. They understood me very well even though my Spanish isn’t great.

Some time ago I went through tough weeks, sleeping and eating poorly, and spending a fortune on medical specialists who couldn’t find the origin of my migraines. That’s why I decided to put myself first and take this trip to the Riviera Maya. 

I could have chosen a small apartment or a beautiful beachfront cottage, but a hotel seemed perfect for this trip. I didn’t want to worry about anything else but getting up in the morning and being carried away by this adventure.

Landing in the Riviera Maya

When I arrived in the Riviera Maya, I confess that I wasn’t sure if I had made the right choice, but as days went by, I realized that taking this trip was the best decision I had ever made. I didn’t have a clear idea of what to do in Riviera Maya, other than enjoying the sun, but I ended up with tons of plans!

People here are fantastic; nothing but warm, friendly, and always willing to help you with everything you need, even open to recommending the best places to visit when, like me, you don’t know what you’re looking for.

In Puerto Morelos, I treated myself to a horseback ride (I hadn’t done it in over 20 years) and listened to live music.

Down in Playa del Carmen, I enjoyed a cenote spa (you should give it a try, it’s incredible). I tried ancient Mayan treatments and listened to stories about these people, I was as amazed as a curious child.

There was also no shortage of nighttime entertainment! 

The restaurants on Fifth Avenue are the perfect spots to make friends if you’re traveling alone. Tasting the lime soup at Santi’s restaurant was Heaven on Earth. Enjoying the view of this town gave me so much peace!

Now I understand why tourism in the Riviera Maya has grown so much. It has everything: flavors, aromas, people and shows that fill your eyes (and your heart).

The Riviera Maya is more than just a beach.

I can’t deny that I was enchanted by Tulum, with its sand that’s out of this world because you enjoy it with all your senses; it’s so soft and warm. It caresses your feet and captivates your sight. The turquoise water becomes see-through when you dive in, that’s something you should try at least once in your life.

Here, I scuba dived for the first time. I have to admit that the yoga sessions helped, but I surprised myself! Realizing that I can also be the Oliver who has fun without worrying about being watched is what has really changed me.

If you’re looking for places to visit in the Riviera Maya, you’ll find hundreds. But if you truly want to reconnect with yourself, there’s nothing better than the sea…

Saying Goodbye.

It’s getting late now and they’re about to pick me up, but I don’t want to skip telling you the part where I met someone, and I suspect I will see them again on my next trip.

We’ve planned to meet in Madrid because we’ve set ourselves the goals of improving our Spanish and discovering the wonders of the capital city of one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

And I’d like you to come with me, even if it’s just in spirit. Knowing that you’re there will comfort me.


Ancient Mayan Treatments You Can Enjoy Today

The Mayan civilization is one of the oldest (1800 B.C.)

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