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Vacancy Rewards is one of the industry’s largest travel & discount providers. For over a decade, we have designed and serviced travel clubs and rewards programs for some of the most respected brands in the travel industry.

Our Product Managers are constantly adding new and exciting travel options to provide you with competitive rates and exclusive conditions.

Partnership matters

As your partner, our team strives to guarantee that your members discover immense worth in their membership.

Why Choose Vacancy Rewards as your trusted partner?

At Vacancy Rewards, we are proud to announce that we have been officially recognized as a «Great Place to Work.»

This prestigious certification is a testament to our commitment to creating a positive and thriving workplace culture, not only for our team members but also for the valued partners who choose to collaborate with us.

We measure our success by yours


Your platform is designed to function according to your specific requirements.


We deliver focused and valuable content that ensures that your members are engaged with your platform.

Member Support

Your members will connect with our agents quickly any time, every time.

Benefits Catalog


Save up to 70% on over 800,000 hotels worldwide.

Airline Tickets

Over 500 global airlines, including low-cost carriers like Southwest and JetBlue.


More than 150,000 available weeks from trusted providers.

My Deals

Access to America’s Largest Discount Network, with over 700,000+ places to save.

Car Rentals

55,000+ Pick-up locations worldwide.


Immerse yourself in the wonders of your destination. Over 20,000 tours and excursions available online.

Business Solutions

Travel Incentives Platform

Enable your company to reward and motivate employees, as well as strengthen relationships with your customers.

With Vacancy Rewards, you can harness the emotional power of travel to attract new customers, members, and employees, while also fostering loyalty and commitment among existing ones with unparalleled discounts that encourage their loyalty and engagement.

How Can We Help?

We will provide your company with the necessary tools to incentivize more sales and offer discounts to foster customer loyalty.

Your Customized Travel Platform

White Label User Interface

Customize the platform’s look and feel to seamlessly align with your company’s unique brand identity. Deliver a branded experience that resonates with your employees and clients, reinforcing your company’s values and creating a sense of familiarity.

We specialize in providing travel experiences at unbeatable prices

Our travel technology is used to service our partners in a variety of industries.

  • Affinity Groups & Associations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Vacation Clubs
  • Resort Developers
  • Lifestyle Program


If your industry or business model isn’t listed above, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Vacancy Rewards is dedicated to helping you get the best value and greatest experiences out of any trip. One of our Travel Consultants will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.

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