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Lime Soup, a typical dish from the Riviera Maya, with ingredients you can find just around the corner

The best recipes are those that are passed down from generation to generation. They are the ones which include secret ingredients used by grandmas or little tricks that no one can explain but everyone keeps replicating.

Food also speaks of our roots, who we are and what we’ve chosen to share with our beloved ones.

This lime soup has Mayan origins and has gone through a Hispanic reversion, with ingredients that you can find in any part the world. It’s so delicious that once you try it, it’ll become the most popular recipe among your friends and family. I guarantee that after any gathering, there will always be someone who will want to take your version of the recipe home.

Riviera Maya-style Lime Soup

Ingredients: (Serves 4)

  • Boiled chicken (one piece per person)
  • 2 carrots
  • 3 bell peppers (mix green, red and yellow)
  • Spices and hot herbs (try different kinds of pepper, paprika, and ginger)
  • 3 small limes
  • 2 tortillas (for plating)
  • coriander (for garnishing)

The Soup:

Boil the chicken in a pot until cooked and tender.

Remove the chicken pieces and discard the water (to avoid excessive fat).

Wash and cut the vegetables into small cubes and shred the chicken into small pieces.

Once you have everything ready, put it all over the heat, covering the ingredients with water and adding lime juice.

Season with spices and herbs to boost the flavor of the ingredients and stir until it boils.

Now it’s ready to plate.

The Tortillas:

You could omit them, but I’m sure you don’t want to miss that crunch they add! They will complete this festival of flavors.

Proceed to cut the tortillas into thin strips. Fry these strips and place them on paper towels.

While they’re still hot, add salt and a few drops of lime juice (squeeze the lime all over, but be careful not to moisten the tortilla strips too much so they don’t become soggy).


Take a deep plate and serve the brew on the bottom.

Just before serving, decorate the plate with several tortilla strips in the center, a pinch of coriander and very thin lime slices.

This recipe is even suitable for warm climates because the acidity of the lime adds freshness to it.

There are no excuses not to transport yourself from your apartment to the Riviera Maya and feel the breeze of the sea and the warm sand under your feet while you enjoy this delicious dish.


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