Ancient Mayan Treatments You Can Enjoy Today

The Mayan civilization is one of the oldest (1800 B.C.).

This culture, which developed in Guatemala, Belize, and parts of Mexico, is recognized for its art, architecture, astronomical discoveries, mathematics, religious system, and the importance its members placed on achieving a balance between body, mind, and spirit. 

In this sense, medicinal herbs and volcanic and semi-precious stones, like jade, have been used throughout time due to their proven benefits, which you will be able to experience if the Riviera Maya is your next chosen holiday destination. 

The Temazcal

This is a steam bath in which the main participants are herbs, hot stones, and water. It is recommended for eliminating toxins, stimulating the skin, and relaxing the body and the mind.

Hot Herbal Poultice

Medicinal herbs are the star of this treatment, which involves rubbing herbal preparations on the body to ease physical conditions caused by stress.

Hot Stones

Hot volcanic stones at different temperatures, such as those used in the Temazcal, are strategically placed on the body during the session to treat muscle contractions and to balance energy.

If you’re going through a moment in which you should prioritize yourself, traveling should be just what the doctor ordered.

Alone or with company, wanting to disconnect or simply reconnect with yourself… The Riviera Maya is one of those destinations where magic happens.


Before and after the Riviera Maya

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