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We were seduced by the attractions of Las Vegas

I wanted a bachelorette party that I would never forget and the attractions of Las Vegas sounded all too tempting… but not for the reasons you might think. 

What I really wanted was to spend an XL weekend with the most beautiful women I have ever known: my lifelong friends. And to spend the weekend I had pictured in mind, traveling to Las Vegas was the best plan I could have ever thought of. 

It had been ages since we wanted to do this trip together but our schedules never seemed to match… anyhow, this speacial occasion really got us on the same page. 

You only get married once in your life, or at least that’s what you hope for. 

We had to decide on what to see and where to go among all the tourist attractions in Las Vegas, and we had very little time to organize our short trip. 

So I called Patricia, my younger sister, an unstoppable traveler who knows everything. Just after one conversation, she captured the essence of the trip I was dreaming of. She came up with Las Vegas and all the tour packages she mentioned were so tailored to our needs that we had no option but to leave this adventure in her hands. 

Just thinking about those neon light signs and the fact that we would finally make it to Las Vegas was so exciting that it was impossible for us to sleep a wink during the outbound flight. 

Las Vegas welcomes us.

We arrived at our hotel as the first rays of sun were peeking over the center of the Las Vegas Strip. 

We booked one room for all of us where we could share 24/7 to save any single second that could be wasted by walking around the hotel corridors. 

It was exactly as elegant and exquisite as we expected, but the best part was the view. The valley and the Spring Mountains looked so far away but close at the same time. The image alone brings back to me the most vivid memories of that desert air. Without a second thought, I would get back on a plane to spend another week there, if I had the chance. 

We knew that exhaustion could ruin any extravagant plan. So we decided to hang out in the place where we were staying. We enjoyed the pool and the daylight club where we didn’t stop dancing for a second; that music filled us up with good energy…

I confess that going to sleep before sunset wouldn’t have been so bad but the drinks and dishes that we had longed for, truly deserved a sleepless night. 

The shrimp cocktails in Las Vegas are as unique as people say they are. Trust the ones who told you that!

But don’t believe everything. 

Probably you’ve heard more than a hundred times that when it comes to casinos: «the house always wins”. Anyhow, though we aren’t experts in games of chance, we won more than we had ever expected to win. We will remember that moment as one of our best nights since college. 

The second day: Las Vegas attractions for those who aren’t afraid to sin

We had breakfast in our room and then strolled through The Crystals, down Las Vegas Boulevard. We had a rented car that let us move around at our own pace.

Every girl’s dream come true: purses, accessories, clothing for all types of fashion styles. And the best for last: the most acclaimed shoe stores in the world (I’m sure Carrie Bradshaw would love this). 

We decided to make the return trip to the hotel into a small party by enjoying ourselves with the mythical architectural wonders that are all around Vegas. 

That night we chose a Caviar Bar for dinner. It’s in places like these where you understand that you never had a real gastronomic experience before trying those heavenly seafood dishes.

We also traveled in a limo. It wouldn’t have been a true bachelorette party without a veil, a limousine, and a toast to the bride and future bridesmaids. 

However, we hadn’t experienced everything yet… 

Day Three: Debut and Farewell in Las Vegas 

No Sunday is complete without a brunch to start a relaxing day for four women who wanted to feel as fresh as if they had spent 48 hours lounging instead of exploring «Sin City».

I felt radiant and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to do something I had never done before. All I needed, to start this memorable adventure, was the smile I had on my face that afternoon: I wanted to take a helicopter night ride. 

And we did!

You can’t imagine how that city looks from the sky! That was one of the best attractions in Las Vegas for us. We took the best photos flying over the Strip. You should have a look at my cell phone gallery!

But nothing lasts forever. We had our return tickets so, with no delay, we were taken back to the airport.

We missed dozens of Las Vegas attractions. But, you know, it was time to go back home and for me, to take care of the last wedding details and arrangements. 

While I’m writing to you I can´t understand why we didn’t make this trip before.  Sharing with friends is one of those priceless pleasures in life that truly brings happiness… 

Stay tuned for updates! My next postcard will be from Paris together with my future husband. I can’t wait to share those charming corners of the «City of Lights» with you. 

Until the next adventure! 


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