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5 Las Vegas attractions you may not know about

Casinos are a symbol of Las Vegas, but they represent only a fraction of its attractions. If you want to expand your circuit and explore other sides of «Sin City,» take note of these 5 places you shouldn’t miss if you want to experience new adventures with friends.

Life is just a moment and it’s better with people to share it. 

That’s why we selected these proposals for all tastes:

1. Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart: it’s the weirdest supermarket in the world. The products you can find here seem to come from a different galaxy. Its refrigerators lead to secret passages where you can find a varied range of art installations. This immersive experience will blow your mind. 

2. Elena Bulatova Fine Art: in this atypical gallery, you will find a huge diversity of contemporary artwork to admire or take home. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, 3D and pop art to contemplate, learn from and collect. 

3. Museum of Selfies Las Vegas: in the era of the image, this is the best place to take original photos and immortalize your trip. A place to visit with family and friends that will cause you a new problem: choosing the best pic of your camera roll to share on your social networks.

4. Real Bodies at Horseshoe Las Vegas: nothing has revealed the mysteries of the body, mind, and spirit to science like this exhibition. Here you can learn about them from birth to our last breath. If you’re not easily impressed, you can have a close look at the wonder we call “the human body”.

5. O by Cirque Du Soleil: if art in motion is your favorite, this is the ultimate plan to enjoy it. You will see acrobatics with water, air, and fire. Privileged bodies creating unique figures in impressive settings so that you can immerse yourself in a waking dream. 

Now that you know all these attractions, all that’s left is to send this message to your group of friends, pick a date, and start planning that trip you’ve been dreaming of for so long. We can help you make it come true.


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