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Disney movies in which family values are central

Regulating the amount of screen time that children are exposed to and encouraging them to enjoy outdoor activities is a hard duty that parents have, but when nature doesn’t cooperate and the weather isn’t on your side to go for outdoor adventures, letting your imagination soar with a movie is an excellent plan. And there’s nothing better than a film that has a positive message related to the importance of family unity.

Recommendations from yesterday and today:
  • Dumbo: the story of the little elephant highlights the unconditional love of parents for their children.
  • The jungle book: the loss of a biological family is the starting point for this story in which love succeeds beyond blood ties.
  • Bambi: this fawn’s friends become his second family, being his support and sharing the most incredible adventures.
  • Brave: generational differences mark a distance between the members of this family, but love is capable of breaking down all barriers.
  • Encanto: Colombia is the setting where a family goes through conflicts and ends up understanding that the most important thing is to be together.

No matter your age or whether you have kids, these Disney movies will make you experience a world of fantasy.

On top of that, they are a fantastic plan to become familiar with some of the characters you’ll meet in Orlando before traveling.


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